Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Changing direction.

I started video taping everything. I'm that girl that has a video camera attached to her hand at all times now. I don't know what I'm going to do with any of it yet, but it will be nice to have.
I decided to change the direction I was going in with modeling. My ultimate goal is to sign with an agency. I have a top agency in Dallas I am aiming for, so I am going to hit the breaks a little and slow down with the casting calls. I am practicing facial expressions and posing in the mirror every day and working out. I need to exercise more, but I have been working a lot lately. I am a host at Texas Roadhouse now as of three weeks ago. I am really enjoying it, and work with a lot of my friends. It is just time consuming.
I really want to focus more of my time and energy on Burlesque. Dallas has a fantastic burlesque scene, and I sincerely think it is extrememly up and coming. There is a famous burlesque dancer named Ginger Valentine that I am really dying to meet. I have seen a lot of her performances on Youtube, and love her style. I am hoping to start taking dance classes at her studio within the next two weeks or so to get a better feel of the industry and dance techniques. Next I will need to choregraph a skit/show/dance and go from there. I need to come up with a stage name as well. I always thought it would be "Belle Bombshell" because Belle from Beauty and the Beast is my favorite Disney princess, and Bombshell just flowed well with it and rhymed. But now I'm leaning a little toward "Carmen" because of a new Lana Del Rey song I have just discovered that I am in love with (which is the way it goes with every song of hers I hear). I'm thinking maybe "Carmen Rose"? I definitely need a cute, semi-witty last name for Carmen. I want to go to more Burlesque shows at local venues too so that I can see everyone's unique style and hopefully find my own. I am so excited that I can barely stand it! There are also a lot of modeling opportunities attached with Burlesque, and cool pin up ventures I could dip into.
I also found a nice lad to write music for my songs!! I met him last week at an open mic through a mutual friend and we are both into indie-type stuff and he can play and sing really well, but just has trouble writing. Perfect match. We are planning to get together later this week and start collaborating. I can't wait to just dive head first and start doing shows and open mics, but I know there is a long process ahead of me and I have to take baby steps on this brand new journey. I am still elated nonetheless.
I needed some bikini pictures to show my body for some promotional work, and my best friend Cole (who is the absolute best friend in the world, by the way) volunteered to be my photographer and we got a few good ones. (:

"She says you don't want to be like me; looking for fun, getting high for free. I'm dying, I'm dying.
She says you don't want to get this way; street walk at night, and a star by day. It's tiring."

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