Wednesday, April 11, 2012

It's hard to dance with a devil on your back.

I really like cats. Particularly male cats. They are funny, witty, and full of personality. I don't know about you, but those are the best traits for a best friend to have. I had a black cat named Capurnakis who was absolutely brilliant. We were very close for two years and then when I moved back home last year, he got out and ran off. Living in an apartment his whole life, I can imagine that his tom cat instincts kicked in when he saw the wide open country outside of the window he sat in front of every day. I suspect he was a wanderer at heart like myself, so I cannot blaim him but I miss him every day.

I started staying with my then boyfriend about eight months ago and absolutely fell in love with his cat he had named Rick James. Clever, right? We would call the neighbor's orange cat Charlie Murphy when he would come into the yard. My ex is a pretty brilliant guy himself. Rick James was incredibly interesting and affectionate so I enjoyed spending time with him when we were alone at home. Yes, this crazy cat spill has a point, and I hate to say that Rick James is assumed dead since he has not been home in almost two weeks. My ex has quite the conspiracy theory about it and claims he believes a neighbor poisoned him. I have not been there in two months, so I couldn't say.
But I am very devasted by this unfortunate news and felt like it was worth sharing on his behalf.
If you are in fact dead, rest in peace beautiful cat.

On a fairly brighter note, I have recently just discovered poetry slams and showcases. I have been writing poetry and song lyrics since I was in junior high school, but have never thought about doing anything about it except typing them and adding every one to my very informal notebook of writing I've collected over the past almost ten years. I was thinking about going to an open mic night type poetry reading and youtubed a few and just like that, I stumbled upon the magically haunting world of spoken poetry. I had claimed to have been drunk off of words before, but after seeing a few of these I realized I had seriously been mistaken. What these people do is simply pure art in motion. I desperately want to become a part of it, but I want to practice and take my time submerging myself into this lovely but very unfamiliar world.
This is one of my very favorites I have seen, and Jasmine Mans is full of passion and every one of her videos are worth watching. I have also grown quite fond of Alysia Harris.

I am unbelievably moved and inspired at this point. It is almost overwhelming. Everything ahead of me looks so bright and appealing. It has been hard lately to keep my feet on the ground.

"When I grow up, I want to live near the sea. Crab claws, and bottles of rum...that's what I'll have."

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