Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The question is, was I more alive then than I am now?

I had the busiest day today. I had my dance audition at Winstons Supperclub and let me tell you, it was nothing at all like I anticipated. I was told I was going to freestyle so I cleverly created a sequence of "random" dance moves and memorized them. I showed three of my good friends before I went to make sure I didn't look ridiculous, and they all agreed it was good. I met the girl who called me in in the parking garage with my confidence soaring. We walked into the club, and it was like a dream. The decor was crazy colors and for a club it seemed like a very small space and right in front of an open floor was a long, large BOX. The dancers danced in a box. Whattt? Not what I had in mind, okay. I proceeded anyway. The space was much too confined to do my routine I had planned, so I just old-fashioned played it by ear. In all honestly, I feel like I killed it. But I wasn't offered a spot right away, instead I was told I would be called back. Never the best sign. But I suppose we will see.
Next on my agenda was an interview for a company that sells exclusive salon packaged-memberships that are in need of promotional models. If I could snag a promotional model gig then I would be elated. It is a lot harder than I expected, due to my lack of professional experience. Oh, the timeless paradox of not being able to find work without experience yet not being able to gain experience without working.
Entertainment industry, I will solve this riddle and beat you. I will.
Back to the promotional job, you are to sell these packages at events and colleges, ect. You are awarded 30 dollars per package you sell and must work in a team of about 4 or 5 girls from 8AM-5PM on Monday through Friday. I was offered a spot and as excited as I was initially, I feel like with the drive and time just would not be worth it to not be guaranteed I will sell these packages. On the bright side to not accepting that job, I was emailed today about interviewing next Monday with a production company that does live infomercials. I WANT IT SO BAD. Eeeek. Wish me luck. (:
So, I have this friend, Aelias, that goes to the Art Institutes and my god he is brilliant. The best part about it is I don't think he knows he is. He dabbles in everything. Painting, sketching, dancing, photography, and is studying to be a graphic designer. And he is so good at it all! The first time I met him was when I saw him dance at this lounge in Dallas. I've never seen something more dope in my life, and I mean that. I feel like a little girl gushing like this. Anyway, since he is an aspiring photographer and I just so happen to be into modeling, we decided to collaborate soon and we have some really exciting ideas. He is going to paint me for one shoot, and we have a whole pin-up spill in the works which I am just unbelievably eager to do. I can't wait to see what we create.

"I'm a ride or die, whether you fail or fly. Shit, at least you tried."

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