Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Talk less, listen more.

For the past three weeks I have been consumed by open casting calls, auditions, and songs on the radio. I knew that landing a part in a film or fashion show would be work, but whew! I auditioned for a really cool indie film a week or two ago and I am really praying for a call back. Tomorrow I am auditioning for a gig at a local lounge/club called the Winston Supperclub. It is Vegas style dancing with choreographed shows which is absolutely perfect. I want nothing more than to be a Burlesque dancer or Showgirl in Vegas.
Kind of odd, right?
I haven't even seen the movie Burlesque yet, but show business is just something I have always had my heart set on. Thank you, Marilyn Monroe. I have been infatuated with old Hollywood glamour since I was nine years old with a heavy influence from my older sister, Misty.
Saturday I am going to audition for The Real World Dallas, and I couldn't be more scared. Sure, it is a bit far from showbiz but most importantly, it is exposure. I feel like as blindly optimistic as I may be at times, I still think I stand a pretty good chance at landing it. Cross your fingers.
I can't help but wonder if perhaps things really are meant to be, destined even. I have my eggs in a million different baskets right now but it is a lot of work if it is going to end up in a pre-determined way. Honestly, I don't think that's true.
I took a bus six hours to San Antonio about a month ago and was incredibly inspired by four or five people I met along the way. It is astonishing the things you can gain and learn from talking with strangers. I had never done anything like that alone before, and now I am overwhelmed with the desire to be less of a dreamer, and more of a doer. To talk less, and listen more.
I want to see how far I go.

"I'm in love with my mobility. But sometimes this life can be a drag. Like when I notice your nobility, and how my leaving only held you back."

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